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What to Bring to Your Appointment

  1. Your PAYG payment summaries (group certificates) or statement of earnings

  2. Government payment summaries (eg. pension, austudy, newstart allowance etc)

  3. Interest and dividend income

  4. Other income eg. Income from managed funds, business income, partnership income, rental income or capital gains details

  5. Receipts or details of work related deductions

  6. Dependent spouse and children details

  7. Spouse income for Medicare levy surcharge purposes

  8. Private health fund statement

  9. HECS and/or financial supplement loan statements

  10. Child care benefit letter and approved child care expenses

  11. Last year’s tax return and assessment notice (if available)

  12. If you want your refund paid into your bank account, make sure you have the account number and BSB


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To make a deductions claim, you must have made the purchase in the course of earning your assessable (taxable) income and it must not be a private, domestic or capital expense. If the expense was both work-related and private or domestic, you can only claim a deduction for the work-related portion

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Income you must declare

You pay income tax on assessable income you receive, such as salary and wages, most Centrelink payments, investment income from rent, bank interest or dividends, business income; and capital gains from selling assets like shares or property

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In addition to claiming allowable deductions, you may be entitled to claim tax offsets. Tax offsets (sometimes referred to as rebates) directly reduce the amount of tax payable on your taxable income.In general, offsets can reduce your tax payable to zero but on their own they can't get you a refund

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